JYPE admits viral sound accident at NMIXX’s university festival performance was staged

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NMIXX recently went viral for their performance at Shinhan University Festival when they kept on singing after their backing track stopped.

Later though, the university council — probably unhappy with getting criticized for not making proper preparations or something — revealed that the stoppage was planned.

NMIXX’s agency SQU4D then admitted to doing this.

“The sound accident during NMIXX’s performance at Shinhan University Festival was a planned event to raise the atmosphere of the festival. We shared details of the plan with the organizer and used a special audio track for the event”.
They continued, “However, to make the performance look natural, we did not tell NMIXX members about the plan”, adding “We are sorry that we couldn’t take into consideration that the event could cause confusion and inconvenience to the audience and fans. We will be more careful to prevent this from happening again in the future”.

Honestly, I don’t really see the big deal about this in terms of the outcome for NMIXX or those in attendance. I mean, they still sounded good, and it was entertaining in a way.

Mostly it’s embarrassing for JYPE, both for feeling the need to do this when NMIXX already has recognition as a group that can sing, and also for seemingly being unable to get everybody on the same page in terms of covering the staged aspect up. Pay them extra or something. Anything but having it blow up in your face like this really. Good god.

Anyway, while they are the first company/group to get caught, this definitely isn’t the first company/group that has staged something like this in recent times, as obviously companies have noticed these types of clips going viral in the past and will do anything to create their own marketing opportunity. Next time either cover all your bases or just have them sing acapella and mediaplay the fuck out of that instead.