JYP’s Global Group VCHA Praised by MTV — But Why Is It Receiving Mixed Reactions?

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In a post made online, MTV’s praiseworthy remark towards VCHA drew mixed reactions from netizens and K-pop fans.

Here’s what happened.

MTV Draws Mixed Reactions for Dubbing VCHA as First-Ever Global Girl Group

JYP Entertainment is known for debuting iconic girl groups, and this is consistently seen with the impact of female acts such as Wonder Girls, miss A, TWICE, ITZY, and NMIXX.

Eventually, the agency decided to take it up a notch by debuting American girl group VCHA through the survival program A2K, which is a collaboration between JYPE and Republic Records.

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(Photo : Facebook: VCHA)

In both domestic and international online communities, VCHA’s addition to the roster has gained positive reactions from the public. After making their debut with “Girls of the Year” on January 26, 2024, VCHA made buzz by being the opening act for TWICE’s “READY TO BE” tours.

Fans are fully aware of how JYP Entertainment will now begin to target an international audience with VCHA and with this aim in mind, the girl group will undoubtedly garner recognition from music fans all over the world.





Earlier on February 21, VCHA appeared on MTV’s “Fresh Out” segment, where they were interviewed about their debut and music. However, MTV’s comment on VCHA being the “first-ever Global Girl Group” quickly received mixed reactions from netizens.

On MTV’s official account on platform X (Twitter), it wrote, “A passion for music + their love for K-pop is what led @official_VCHA to become the first-ever Global Girl Group.”


Aside from the post, the video’s title and host were also thrown in the mix due to the compliment. Fans called out MTV for “disregarding” Western girl groups, alongside multinational acts such as XG, BLACKSWAN, LAPILLUS, Katseye, and more.

Others criticized MTV for lacking research. Read some of their comments on the post:

  • “I’m sorry, but they are not the first in anything. Stop lying.”
  • “So you all are lying and wrong. They are not the first.”
  • “@MTV they are not the first global girl group in K-pop. @blackswan_drent is the first with multi-cultural global girl group members.”
  • “We love VCHA, but they are the first global group.”
  • “That’s a very big and untrue statement.”
  • “We all know about Katseye, BLACKSWAN, and XG. Surprised no one talked about Now United.”







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