JYP’s Newest Group ‘VCHA’ Faces Backlash— Here’s What Knetz Say

JYP Entertainment, a prominent South Korean entertainment company, recently unveiled their latest girl group, VCHA. However, the group’s debut has ignited a wave of criticism and apprehension among Korean netizens.

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The controversy erupted following the viral circulation of an online post titled “JYP’s New Girl Group VCHA’s Members.” This post disclosed the ages of each VCHA member, sparking considerable discussion within the online community.

Industry’s Handling of Underage Idols 

Notably, VCHA is comprised of the winning contestants from A2k and represents a collaboration between JYP Entertainment and Republic Records.The members and their respective ages, as revealed, are as follows:

Lexus Vang (16)

Lexus Vang

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/lexus.a2k/?hl=en)

KG Crown (15)

KG Crown

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/iamkgcrown/?hl=en)

Camila Ribeaux Valdes (17)

Camila Ribeaux Valdes

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/camilaribeauxvaldes/)

Savanna Collins (16)

Savannah Collins

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/savvyco/)

Kaylee Lee (12)

Kaylee Lee

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/kayleelee_art/?hl=en)

Kendall Ebeling (16)

Kendall Ebiling

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/lucas_ebeling/)

The revelation of Kaylee Lee’s age, in particular, sent shockwaves among netizens who expressed concerns regarding her inclusion in the group, given her young age compared to the other members.

Some netizens questioned the rationale behind having a 12-year-old member when the rest of the lineup was of similar age. Others found it hard to fathom that such a young member would be part of the group.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “What do you mean she’s 12?”
  • “I am concerned that she’s the only one so young when the other members are similar in age.”
  • “What is up with the 12-year-old?”
  • “Kaylee is the only one that is so young, LOL.”
  • “They are all so young?”
  • “12???”
  • “I wish they would draw the line for minors at High Schoolers, sigh.”
  • “Well, there are idols who were born in 2009 (the year Kaylee was born).”
  • “12 in international age?”
  • “Wow, I’m not even remotely interested in this group, LOL. Should I sell my JYP shares (stocks)?”

In the midst of this controversy, VCHA recently unveiled their pre-debut single titled “SeVit,” accessible through the provided link.

The criticism surrounding VCHA’s youthful members brings to the forefront questions about the K-pop industry’s approach to underage idols and the potential pressures they may encounter.

As the situation continues to develop, it remains to be seen how JYP Entertainment will address these concerns and provide support to their newest group, VCHA.

Meanwhile,In Episode 15 of JYP x Republic Records audition show, “A2K,” the top 10 trainees who will compete to debut in the mega-joint project American girl group are finally unveiled.