JYP’s opposite responses to Jihyo and Chaeyoung’s dating rumors

Article: Jihyo “can’t be confirmed,” Chaeyoung was “confirmed right away”… JYP shows both ends of the extreme in responses to Twice’s dating rumors

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+492] Jihyo probably didn’t consent to going public while Chaeyoung was probably like “I don’t care” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+175] When Jihyo’s broke out, JYP had seen what was going on with Karina so they were probably like “let’s stay quiet on this one,” until they saw that the Twice fandom was pretty accepting and respectful of the rumors so they were okay with going public with Chaeyoung right away

[+100] Twice has built up enough years of experience so it’s fine that they’re dating. I feel like no one really cares about idols dating after they make it out of the three year dating ban period

[+50] They’ve been at full speed since debut until now, I think everyone would be forgiving of any relationship they choose now, whether public or private…

[+13] Anyone who’s been an idol for 10 years should deserve to not only date but also get married

[+10] After seeing Jihyo on ‘I Live Alone,’ I noticed that she doesn’t waste even a minute of her day. She’s really the best bride anyone could find. I hope Athlete Yoon is treating her well!!!

[+5] Chaeyoung got into such a bad scandal before that… most of her fans are like “yeah, this new guy’s actually better.”

[+2] I think they chose to keep Jihyo’s private because it’s not her first scandal whereas it’s Chaeyoung’s first and they know it won’t affect her image so they were like let her go~