K-DRAMA FIRST LOOK: “Connection” Cast An Intriguing Story Worth Following

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Enigmatic and gripping, Connection easily locks viewers’ commitment to uncover the curious case surrounding its characters.

The series incorporates the past and present of former high school friends tangled after a questionable death.

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Connection Opening Week Story

Onto a promising career, Jung Jae-kyung (Ji Sung) is an ace detective at Anhyun Police Station’s Drug Task Force. After a special promotion for eradicating an elusive drug syndicate, he meets a cryptic situation.

He was abducted for days and he realizes he was drugged by his captors. Before that, he receives a message from his old friend, an SOS which is their high school emergency code. Battling his strange situation, he decided not to tell his team yet about what happened.

His team currently works on a new drug in the market which reporter On Yun-jin (Jeon Mi Do) also covers. She gets tangled with a resident in her apartment building who acquired the new drugs. Seeing her strange behavior, the woman unfortunately rushes to run aimlessly but is hit by a truck.

Sensing a scoop, Yun-jin talks to his superior about the drugs. She targets unearthing its cryptic mystery. Meanwhile, Jae-kyung discreetly investigates his recent abduction, getting clues that a man named “Doctor” and “CEO Yoon” could be involved.

Learning his high school friend Jun-seo died in a presumed suicide did not help Jae-kyung’s predicament. After forcedly getting information from the police unit investigating Jun-seo’s death, he confronts Tae-jin (Kwon Yul) and Jong-soo (Kim Kyung Nam) – the people his friend called before he died.

Surprisingly, at the wake which most of Jun-seo’s friends attended, Tae-jin also reads the will of the deceased revealing a large amount of insurance divided equally between Jae-kyung and Yun-jin

Connection Opening Week Musings

Seamless in building up intrigue, Connection keeps your focus from start to finish on its opening week.

The series presents two issues linking Jae-kyung and Yun-jin. First, the new drug that Jae-kyung badly needs to solve and Yun-jin eagerly wants to bring to the world. Next, the reason why Jun-seo set them as beneficiaries of the insurance he got.

Along with this, the fragments from the characters’ past high school life are expected to be unveiled associating the evident discord among the former classmates.

Fast-paced with so far excellently portrayed characters, this new SBS series blends drama, action and ambiguity in a gripping direction.

What caused Jun-seo and Jae-kyung’s friendship to fail? Was Jun-seo related to Jae-kyung’s forced addiction?  These and more questions are to be unraveled in this exciting new series on SBS every Friday and Saturday.

Follow Jae-kyung’s adventure in unlocking the mystery of his precarious situation in Connection.