K-DRAMA FIRST LOOK: “Doctor Slump”

Rivals when they were studying in high school, two doctors meet again at their life’s lowest point in Doctor Slump.

Will they find their life purpose and rediscover their passion?

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Doctor Slump Opening Week Story

Everything was going smoothly in Yeo Jeong-woo’s life. A star plastic surgeon, his wealth kept growing until a patient’s death made his life change in an instant. Liquidating his assets, he is still saddled with debts. He then moves to a rooftop place recommended by his friend. There he meets Nam Ha-neul again.

Jeong-woo and Ha-neul are once school rivals aiming to become the top student. Years later, Jeong-woo became a successful plastic surgeon but Ha-neul works as an anesthesiologist with an utterly bad boss who always dumps his work to her.

Ha-neul’s exhausting life of trying to be the best caused her a worsening condition of depression. Reaching her tipping point when her senior wants her to take responsibility for his error at a recent surgery, she decides to quit.

Both at the lowest point of their lives, Jeong-woo and Ha-neul find themselves in front of soju bottles as they comfort each other without saying the words directly.

“Everyone is a bit unhappy in life.”

Doctor Slump Opening Week Musings

As lively as it was narrated so far, following the healing drama trend makes the series up for a challenging feat to make the story distinctly memorable.

Rebooting life after a slump and prioritizing self-love is the direction the lead characters are going in in the next chapters.

With healing tones as an integral part of the narrative, the screenplay in the opening week foresees a trove of inspiring messages coming soon.

Find encouraging lessons as Jeong-woo and Ha-neul rediscover their purpose in Doctor Slump!

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