K-DRAMA FIRST LOOK: “Frankly Speaking” Entertains With Its Unique Hero’s Inability To Lie

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An announcer who dreams of becoming the main news anchor faces a predicament that would make him lose his ultimate goal in Frankly Speaking.

As a go-to person of the network vying for the top anchor position, can he pull off something to overturn the situation or is it best to try something new?

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Frankly Speaking Episodes 1 and 2 Highlights

Song Ki-baek (Go Kyung Pyo) is on his way to achieve his career goal. He has been doing his best to create harmonious business relationship at work by currying favors left and right. But when a mishap occurs because of a colleague’s marital affair on air, his chance to become the station’s leading anchor dips.

For damage control, he agreed to join a variety show produced by On Woo-ju (Kang Han Na). Before that, they had an awkward encounter inside an elevator where Ki-baek bravely fought his bad tummy but ultimately lost it.

At the filming site, he lands in the room where PN, a prickly idol lashes out at the staff assisting him. Ki-baek’s knowledge of the idol’s ill temperament made him subconsciously target the idol in the softball game.

PN who has a relatively high star value is a precious member of the show so he can’t be looking like a clumsy loser. Woo-ju tells Ki-baek of the circumstances. Unknown to them, the room has some faulty wires and Ki-baek ends up getting electrocuted.

Getting back to the shoot, Woo-ju’s pep talk becomes futile because after being taunted by PN, Ki-baek whose behavior suddenly changes seems unable to filter his thoughts and speaks about them freely.

The first recipient is of course PN with whom he lashes out to be having such bad behavior. This action leads to him being haunted by PN’s fans so he goes back to his family’s house.

It turns out his projection as a man from a rich household is also part of his news anchor preparations. He is actually a family breadwinner who needs to take care of his family. A friend who has been lending his posh place also tells him that he soon needs to find his place.

Woo-ju who learns about Ki-baek’s situation introduces him to a neurosurgeon who diagnosed his recent electric exposure to have caused his condition. Sometimes, he is able to function well.

Just when he thought everything was okay, his stint as a host for the first-ever Brand Awards caused him to blabber his unfiltered thoughts about the guests and the winners.

Woo-ju, on the other hand, is set to make a new show after the fiasco with PN. The idol refuses to speak with her leading to their show being sacked.

Frankly Speaking Episodes 1 and 2 Musings

On the horizon, we can see Woo-ju and Ki-baek eventually teaming up in a new show that would probably mix Woo-ju’s ex-boyfriend Jung-heon (Joo Jong Hyuk) who seems to want to be back in her life.

Frankly Speaking modestly opened to a story that follows the initial narrative sketch in its promotional run.

Needless to say, the lead stars are on top of their game in capturing the essence of their respective characters.

Ki-baek’s dream will be put on hold but who knows he might end up discovering something more valuable in the long run. We’d also like to see his relationship with his family get better.

Why Woo-ju and Jung-heon became estranged is another point to anticipate in the series, and whether they can still get back together.

Light and entertaining, albeit the humble opening week, this series has potential to be a delightful story. Its exploration of the broadcast industry is another amusing key point to watch.

Root for Ki-baek and Woo-ju as they navigate their career goals in Frankly Speaking! International fans can watch it on Netflix!