K-Drama First Look: “Han River Police” Aims Environmental Awareness From The Perspective of A Unique Police Unit

A staple place highlighted in Korean dramas and popular Seoul travel spots, viewers can get a quick trip and deeper knowledge of the famous water source in Han River Police.

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Aside from that, the veteran and reliable talented actors breathe life into interesting characters in charge of safeguarding the Han River.

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PRESS CONFERENCE: “Han River Police” Readies For Its Amusing and Energizing Run

Opening Week Rating:

Han River Police

Set along one of Seoul’s most beloved destinations, Han River Police combines action, humor and criminal intrigue to deliver a hilarious new take on crime dramas.

When a hardworking and hot-tempered police officer gets partnered with a lackadaisical lay-about, the mismatched duo will be thrown into the deep end when a criminal conspiracy unfolds in front of them in Han River Police.

Tasked with keeping Seoul’s most iconic leisure destination safe, Sergeant Dujin (Kwon Sang Woo) and Lieutenant Chunseok (Kim Hee Won) regularly patrol the banks of the Han River, taking on terrorists, saving citizens involved in accidents, and solving a range of crimes.

An unlikely duo that finds themselves in a number of bizarre situations, the team will find themselves in over their heads when a widespread criminal conspiracy is uncovered within their jurisdiction. They are joined by the malevolent Go Giseok; (Bae Da Bin) as the overly competitive Nahee, and (Shin Hyun Seung) as the workout-obsessed Jisoo, Han River Police is a laugh-out-loud story full of action, comedy and criminal intrigue.

Han River Police

Han River Police Opening Week Story 

Protector and the first responders in crimes and accidents at Han River, the police team led by Captain Do (Sung Dong Il) include his juniors Sergeant Du-jin, Lieutenant Chun-seok, Na-hee and Ji-soo.

In the opening week, the team resolved the conflict about a newly launched cruise ship and also introduced the character connections. Du-jin’s back story of losing his brother and holding a grudge toward Baek Chul (Park Ho San) was also highlighted.

The villains who intend to abuse power to gain profit are also underlined in the launch week of the series. Moreover, illegal dealings transpiring between high-ranking police officers and businessmen also paved the way for external and internal conflicts to be traversed in the story.

Han River Police


Han River Police Opening Week Musings

Featuring the special police unit focused on Seoul’s Han River, this new series has funneled conflicts that would circle on environmental protection and city-level corruption.

What’s good in the opening week so far is the committed portrayals of each cast member. However, the initial conflict presented lacks addicting excitement.

Viewers are introduced to how businessmen can exploit the river with cruise ship launches that might not sit well with ecological management.

Modestly introducing its story, at least we know that the remaining four episodes would not warrant lengthening kicks that honestly won’t be fitting to how narrow the narrative can only be navigated.

Join the special police team in safekeeping Hangang in Han River Police every Wednesday on Disney+!

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