K-DRAMA FIRST LOOK: “High School Return of a Gangster”

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A gangster’s spirit enters a rich but lonely high schooler bullied at school in this new Wavve series.

So far, the modest narrative is greatly amplified by stunning portrayal of Yoon Chan Young.

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High School Return of a Gangster Opening Week Story and Musings

Dreaming of entering the university, gangster Kim Deuk-pal (Lee Seo Jin) works hard to achieve his goal. In a twist of fate, he encounters highschooler Song Yi-heon (Yoon Chan Young) who jumped from a bridge to end his life. Using his body to cushion his fall, unfortunately, Deuk-pal was also hit by a raging car.

Mysteriously, Deuk-pal’s spirit transfers to Yi-heon’s body. From Yi-heon’s journal, Deuk-pal discovers the saddening life of the highschooler at home and at school.

While figuring out his situation, he decides to change Yi-heon’s situation armed with his gangster skills. To some extent, he unknowingly will pursue his dream. First, he deals with school bully Jae-min who constantly humiliates Yi-heon. He also forms a connection with Choi Se-kyung (Bong Jae Hyun) who helps him with his studies.

Then, he also makes a stand against his father’s annoying secretary while taking care of Yi-heon’s alcoholic mom. Next, he prepares for his college course. However, he is not aware of what Yi-heon likes to study.

We’ve seen a few transmigration dramas but this new series has quite an appeal with how the “coincidence” that bound Yi-heon and Deuk-pal solves the problems they face in their respective lives.

Eventually, the story will explain what happened to Yi-heon’s soul. But its trajectory is as what the opening week presented so far: the fulfillment of Deuk-pal’s dream and Yi-heon’s redemption thanks to Deuk-pal’s spirit.

High School Return of a Gangster is currently streaming on Viu!