K-DRAMA FIRST LOOK: “LTNS” Episodes 1 and 2 Recap

Tired of working hard and not getting their desired result, a couple decides to go for a risky source of income that exposes disloyal spouses in LTNS.

Blended with sensible lessons and humor, this new series is powered by Esom and Ahn Jae Hong.

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LTNS Opening Week Story

Married for seven years, Woo Jin and Park Samuel have reached a companion stage with a bleak future.

Fortunately, both are smart with Woo Jin possessing a strong mind to execute plans while Samuel has working soft skills.

Realizing how literally hard it is to make ends meet, they embark on an adventure exposing people to their secret love affairs.

That is after picking up from their rich friends with whom the husband has engaged in a secret affair. He refuses to lend money to Samuel when his car got drenched in water but Woo Jin who learned what happened shrewdly plays their cards well and gets huge money from him.

From there, the two proceed to milk money from Woo Jin’s blacklist of customers she confirmed to be having an affair.

Their first customer is a banker having an office affair when his wife is pregnant. The two make a perfect team in putting the cheater husband in a sticky situation, ending his illicit affair eventually when his lover refuses to lend him money.

Getting money from their new source of income, Samuel was able to treat his family to celebrate their father’s 70th birthday while Woo Jin extended financial help to her sister so they could support her niece who is a music prodigy.

LTNS Opening Week Musings

LTNS promises to be a fun treat with make-sense commentaries in the world of the married. Specifically, it points out conditions that lead to infidelity and current situations of married people facing faint sexual disconnection.

By the looks of it, the cheating people Woo Jin and Samuel will expose would feature stories that would delve deeply into the sad realities of marriages that have gone over a glorious past.

The faded intimacy is highlighted in the two-income childless couple household. More than that, it also touches on the truth shared by the main leads. That is how most married couples who are working hard still face financial difficulties.

Time flies by in the swift storytelling of LTNS. There was no dull moment and it is sure packed with direct and implied lessons in life.

We can also expect healthy discussion about factors affecting marriage fallout in a quirky way. Adding interest is whether Samuel and Woo Jin would rediscover the spark of their marriage by going through the situations of the unfaithful people they will encounter.

Explore the world of cheaters in the eyes of an intimacy-lacking couple who are hoping to overturn their sorry life in LTNS. International fans can watch it on Viu.

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