K-Drama First Look: “The Kidnapping Day” Entertains With Unique Abduction Story

Things unexpectedly get awry when a man supposed to kidnap a rich family’s daughter meets the girl he was about to abduct right before his eyes in The Kidnapping Day!

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Mystery, drama, and comedy are the flavors that make this new drama worth watching.

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The Kidnapping Day

The Kidnapping Day Opening Week Story

Kim Myeong-jun (Yoon Kye Sang), a doting father to his daughter Hee-ae works hard to provide for her. Until one day, they discover Hee-ae suffers from leukemia and is in need of a bone marrow transplant.

His estranged wife Seo Hye-eun (Kim Shin Rock) ploys a kidnapping plan for their daughter. However, on the day he sets forth to abduct her target, the young girl from an affluent household named Ro-hee (Yu Na) falls unconscious right in front of the car he drives.

Later, when she wakes up, they both discover she lost her memories. As Myeong-jun tries to call her parents for the laid-out plan, no one answers.

He also realizes that Hye-eun also took off so he checks on Hee-ae secretly because he’s been hiding owing to the piling medical bills. Discovered by the doctor, he halts his plan to escape the scene when the doctor blurts out that they found a match for his daughter so they can proceed with the transplant.

At home, innately intelligent Ro-hee discovers inconsistencies in how she is and why she lives in a redevelopment place She also learns her fluency in multiple languages.

Pressed with time, Myeong-jun stalks Ro-hee’s house and finds it odd that her parents can sleep with her missing. It turns out Ro-hee’s parents were murdered probably on the night he met her and was later discovered by the housekeeper who went on a vacation.

The Kidnapping Day

“Don’t go somewhere without me ever again.”

After learning the plight of Ro-hee’s parents, Myeong-jun burns his car with other evidence. At the same moment, Choi family’s housekeeper realizes that the daughter of her murdered master is missing.

While he was out, his neighbor junkman took the opportunity to go to his house. He breaks into the house which wakes up Ro-hee who senses danger approaching managed to escape the scene but is chased by the junkman.

Myeong-jun who arrives in his place finds Ro-hee missing and sees the junkman who denies seeing a girl. Thankfully, the filial back scratcher lets him realize that Ro-hee is in the cart of the junkman.

Rescuing Ro-hee, he fainted and was awakened by Ro-hee who demanded to be taken to the hospital and the police station. But he pleads to do it the next day. Ro-hee made him promise to bring her wherever he goes.

Leaving his place, they go out to eat some food but Myeong-jun stops at the hospital and learns his daughter is already scheduled for surgery. When he later talked to his wife, it baffled him that she was not the one who paid for the expenses.

Suddenly, he was alerted of Ro-hee’s fainting so he rushed her to the hospital. Apparently, she was allergic to one of the foods she ate. Because of the bruise she had, the nurse and ER doctor also alerted the police.

Ro-hee leads Myeong-jun out to escape as Detective Park Sang-yoon (Park Sung Hoon) and his team track Ro-hee and the case involving her parents.

Alone in a secluded place, Ro-hee questions MYeong-jun, about who he really is.

The Kidnapping Day Opening Week Highlights

An intriguing opening week coupled with the interesting dynamics of the kidnapper to his abductee, The Kidnapping Day provides amusement and excitement at the same time.

Aside from the mystery of unearthing Ro-hee’s parents’ death, how she was able to escape and who paid Hee-ae’s hospital bills will be unfurled as the series progresses.

On the horizon, we see a unique cooperation between Myeong-jun and Ro-hee, and who knows they would also crack the mystery of her parent’s murder case.

Engagingly hooking, smart Ro-hee would most likely lead Myeong-jun to this thrilling adventure.

While outsmarting the police forces tracking them, would they decipher Ro-hee’s cryptic situation?

Can they disentangle the veiled person calling the shots in this elaborate game?

Find out how Myeong-jun can save his ailing daughter and, at the same time, protect Ro-hee in the eventful story of The Kidnapping Day.

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