K-DRAMA FIRST LOOK: “Vigilante” Valiantly Pursues Remorseless Crime Offenders

The laws governing crimes committed by humans are not perfect and could lead to a cycle of innocent victims.

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In Vigilante, Kim Ji-yong (Nam Joo Hyuk) is tired of seeing the legal system fail, and repeat offenders being set free, so he decides to step up and do something about it.

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PRESS CONFERENCE: “Vigilante” Presses For A Valiant K-Hero Determined To Bring Justice

Vigilante Opening Week Highlights

At a young age, Kim Ji-yong witnessed his mother brutally killed by a crime offender. Agonizingly, he also saw the crime offender receive light jail time punishment pleading mental incapacity.

12 years later, the same crime offender commits the same merciless attack on an innocent bus driver. All grown-up Ji-yong thanks him for not changing his ways and pitilessly serves him doses of his own medicine.

Ji-yong studies at the police university and is a model student trusted by his friends and professor. During weekends, he pretends to rest at home and declines his friends’ requests to go out. The reason for that is that he hunts down convicts who luckily took advantage of the lapses in existing laws and continued their atrocious ways.

His series of rightful punishments led broadcast journalist Choi Mir-yeo (Kim So Jin) to put him in the spotlight and name him “Vigilante”.

With his stance on imposing penalties to people worthy to be brutally punished, Vigilante becomes a protector of the weak victims but an enemy of the police.


“There is a void in the law. It tends to be lenient to the bad guys who don’t deserve it. Now, I will fill that void. This is justice.”

Gaining popularity and admiration from the public, even his professor with whom he helped with a project of profiling criminals was summoned to help in the investigation of the last criminal that Vigilante penalized.

Clever reporter Choi gives information to guide Ji-yong through their TV program of possible lawbreakers to deal with. When he targeted a drug dealer who mercilessly killed a mother and her two children, public opinion about the good and the evil of his ways was raised.

Vigilante’s justice rampage also made the police decide the regional unit to take over, led by Jo Heon (Yoo Ji Tae). He right away tracks the drug dealer’s friend to trace the person behind Vigilante.

Vigilante Opening Week Musings

Fast-paced and clear in its message right off the bat, Vigilante draws attention to how he can sustain leading a double life. With police and media keen to uncover who he is, an exciting pursuit of a rogue battering criminals will unfold in the narrative.

It’s evident why the director mentioned in the press conference how Nam Joo Hyuk fit in the angst and purpose of Ji-yong.

His innocent and kind demeanor transforms into a ruthless and menacing appeal inflicting the kind of justice he thinks should rule.

One thing is for sure, the chase to decipher the lawless felon punisher takes a different turn with how formidable and smart Jo Heon is.

For its opening week, the series has raised tension and a compelling invitation to join the dangerous journey of Ji-yong.

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