K-DRAMA REVIEW: “A Time Called You” Adorned An Ordinary Love Story With Heartfelt Adoration and Puzzling Intrigue

Yearning in its purest form created a love miracle in A Time Called You!

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A Time Called You is a story about Han Jun-hee who is still grieving the death of her boyfriend. Somehow, she manages to travel back in time to the year 1998 and finds herself in a high school student body named Kwon Min-ju who is in love with someone who looks exactly like Jun-hee’s dead boyfriend.

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A Time Called You

A Time Called You Quick Series Recap

Han Jun-hee is a successful career woman who has still not gotten over the death of her boyfriend Yeon-jun, a year after his passing due to a plane crash. At the same time, we are introduced to a timid high school student Min-ju who looks like Jun-hee. Kwon Min-ju is soon befriended by two classmates, Jung In-gyu and his best friend Nam Si-heon who looks exactly like Yeon-jun.

Nam Si-heon is outgoing, physically attractive and popular among female students. In-gyu is and has an obvious crush on Min-ju. Si-heon begins to initiate interaction with Min-ju to help his best friend In-gyu get closer to her.

But sadly, Min-ju ends up having a crush on Si-heon. This begins to put a strain on their friendship but they put it aside when Min-ju almost died due to a hit-and-run. Back in 2023, Jun-hee is still unable to accept her boyfriend’s death since his body was not found. Then she begins to receive presents from a mysterious stalker who she believes is Yeon-jun.

However, the items she receives are confusing because they actually belong to some people from 1998 including a picture of a trio posing outside a music shop in Nakwon. Jun-hee is surprised by the lookalikes but is certain that they can’t be the younger version of her as she has no recollection or memory of this happening.

As Jun-hee is listening to the tape in the cassette player while on the bus, she dozes off and wakes up in the hospital in the year 1998 and in the body of an injured Min-ju and sees Nam Si-heon who looks exactly like her dead boyfriend, Koo Yeon-jun.

Min-ju was hit by a car when she switched with Jun-hee. But when Jun-hee wakes up in the hospital in Min-ju’s body, she is told that she was found in a remote place with a head injury from a blunt object. As Jun-hee was able to go back and forth from the timelines, she learned in the present that Min-ju died.

When she was able to go back to 1998, she did her best with the help of Yeon-jun and In-gyu to prevent Min-ju from dying. As the past and present start to slowly come together, secrets start to become known and affect everyone’s lives in the process. Find out how everything else will unfold in this drama A Time Called You.

A Time Called You Series Musings

A Time Called You is an interesting love story that has a hooking time-traveling element. Interestingly, it also has a labyrinthine plot that would make you not want to give up, no matter what.

How great is one’s love that will make you travel through time just to see the person you love one more time? Also, it tackles a sensitive subject which is suicide. Sometimes, when someone feels so empty inside or no one appreciates them.

They tend to think that they don’t deserve to live and that is a very sad reality for some. So, like what a famous saying goes, we should always be kind because everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle. Also, let us not forget to be kind to ourselves.

The actors did a great job of portraying their characters. Ahn Hyo Seop continues to prove that he is one of the lead actors in his generation.

Jeon Yeon Been also is equally great. She was able to convince me that Kwon Min-ju and Han Jun-hee are really two different persons. You really can differentiate the two characters when we see her acting. The way she brought to life Kwon Min-ju’s character, just by looking at her eyes, the audience can feel the loneliness and emptiness Min-ju feels. It was amazing that Jeon Yeon Been was able to deliver the distinction of her roles to almost perfection.

While the writer was able to keep the audience interested and curious until the end of the series, some may say that A Time Called You has a confusing plot and many loopholes. The open-ended closing scene was also unapologetic to assume that the audience is equipped with a patience-is-a-virtue mantra.

But one thing is for sure, it is a beautiful love story. A love story that makes us believe that true love really conquers all. It made us root for the two main characters, that they will be able to be together again and get the happy ending they both deserved.


A Time Called You Takeaway Quotes

“Everyone else seems to be getting ready to let him go. Buy I don’t understand why I can’t do that.”

“I don’t need to know about the future. Because no matter what happens, I’ll be by your side.”

“What if she was sending a signal because she was really suffering, and you saw it but still missed it and ended up losing your friend forever? Just go listen and support her.”

“When something bad happens to the ones we love, the rest of us end up blaming ourselves.”

“You were struggling so much and wanting to give up but it wasn’t because you were weak and depressed. It was because you were so full of hope and expectations for the world.”

“I promise. I will surely find you. It doesn’t matter when or where you are. We will definitely meet again. I will come and find you in a time called you.”