K-DRAMA REVIEW: “Marry My Husband” Flags Up Letting Go of Bad Marriage and Insincere Friendship

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Ending a marriage that do not foster growth and cutting friendship that thrives one-sidedly are highlighted in this latest infidelity-themed series.

Engrossingly narrated, Marry My Husband mounts the idea that freeing oneself from abusive connections could be hard, but doable if done with conviction.

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Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband Episode 11 to Finale Week Recap

Ji-won’s confession leads to an intimate moment. But bothered by how his imminent death could hurt her in the process, Ji-hyuk halts and declares he wants her to be happy so he is not the right person for her.

Manager Yang had to bear her previous manager’s pompous attitude the next day at work. She also feels so tired from working and taking care of her child because of her lazy husband.

Learning Ji-hyuk took the day off because he was not feeling well, Ji-won prepared some porridge and headed to his place.

While mumbling about why he can’t be a solid land for her, she finally remembered the man she met briefly and listened to her drunken blab when she was young.

“We might regret it. But let’s regret it together.”

Waking up with Ji-won by his side, Ji-hyuk finally loosens up and agrees with her to face their fates together.

Privately, they go on a date to seal their feelings. Ji-hyuk also gets back at Min-hwan by announcing his marriage to the office.

Although seeing evident red flags, Su-min convinces herself that she won over Ji-won by marrying Min-hwan.

On her wedding day, Ji-won thanked Su-min for picking up her trash. The ceremony also did not go as planned as the Busan girl bullies came with Eun-ho to cause a scene.

Coming back from the wedding, Ji-won and Ji-hyuk see a woman in front of their apartment. She introduces herself as Ji-hyuk’s ex-fiancee, Yu-ra.

Later, Ji-won also learns about Manager Yang’s situation of having stomach cancer.

Spiteful and fierce, Yu-ra devises a plan to make life hard for Ji-won. She even commissions Min-hwan and Su-min to kill Ji-won.

Ji-hyuk names properties to Ji-won which will be claimed by her surviving relative in case she dies. Ji-won who was visited by her estranged mom through Su-min’s orchestration has been living with Su-min’s father.

On Ji-won’s father’s death anniversary, they plan to execute the killing but Ji-hyuk who learns about it risks his life to protect Ji-won.

Fortunately, Ji-hyuk survives but Yu-ra is more determined to create more havoc.

Deducing something odd to how she analyzed her situation, Ji-won figures the key to making her fate go to another person is to Min-hwan.

Yu-ra moves to buy Eun-ho’s restaurant leaving him jobless. Min-hwan who was approached by Ji-won with a plan also requests Su-min for a divorce.

But when Ji-won learns that Yu-ra is getting involved with Min-hwan, she and Ji-hyuk orchestrate a plan to move their fates.

After failing to kill Su-min to get the insurance payout in the company, Min-hwan gets accidentally killed.

Yu-ra who won’t stop at getting things she wants, gets booked for prosecution questioning and the couple she thought was taken care of by her assistant turns out to be alive.

Driven by anger, she drives recklessly and meets her demise. Su-min who was incarcerated also loses her sanity inevitably.

Ji-won gets married to Ji-hyuk and they live happily with their children and family.

Marry My Husband Quick Series Recap

Betrayed by her husband and best friend, Ji-won is killed by them while battling cancer. She gets another chance to live and orchestrate a vengeance plan against them. She also wins an ally who shares the same fate as hers.

Marry My Husband Series Highlights + Musings

Posing a scenario of what a woman will do when given a chance to redo her life after being betrayed by her husband and best friend, Marry My Husband has surely hooked viewers with its sentiment.

The interesting plot coupled with fantastic portrayals of the lead characters made the series appealing effortlessly. Special note to how Song Ha Yoon and Lee Yi Kyung colored their characters well creating a distinct balance to the intricately conceived situation of the lead pairing.

Marry My Husband kept its engrossing vibe as viewers were treated to how Ji-won navigates her second life with accumulated knowledge from the future. It was strangely pleasant to have protagonists transforming from being meek to spiteful after realizing how they were betrayed.

Notably, the primary message or let’s say warning of the story is directed to spouses engaging in affairs. Highlighted in neon colors, infidelity is something not to be tolerated at all times.

As the main character, Ji-won is also a strong reminder that we only have one life to live. Dedicating it to the wrong people can sadly happen. So, we should always assess the connections we make.

It’s okay to prioritize ourselves first. Family or not, we cannot devote our lives to others completely. We can give portions of our hearts, but we have to keep a lot of love for ourselves. As a general rule, we can give only when we have more than enough to spare. Throughout her journey, Ji-won highlighted how she let people cross her boundaries. She got used to it and so did Min-hwan and Su-min.

We would be lucky if a person like Ji-hyuk would arrive for support. However, the most likely scenario is that we can only rely on ourselves alone.

The series also loudly pitched that indeed friendship can harbor secret jealousy. Su-min represents the growing population of people who struggle to be happy. Consequently nurturing envious feelings, they claim happiness by all means and justify they rightfully deserve it.

Underlining the certainty that we are in charge of our respective destinies, this drama strongly reminds us that fate is created by present decisions and not by past mistakes.

Root for Ji-won’s second chance at life in Marry My Husband. International fans can watch it on Prime Video.

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