K-Drama Review: “My Lovely Liar” Rationalizes Meaningful Connections That Protect Our Peace

A world where you can detect lies made the female lead of My Lovely Liar untrusting of the world.

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But her strange ability later helped a person dear to her free himself from the shackles of his past.

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My Lovely Liar

My Lovely Liar Finale Week Recap

Fortunately, Deuk-chan escapes death but he faces the consequence of how he accidentally killed Eom-ji.

It turns out that to protect Do-ha from being suspected of her death, he conversed with her the night she broke up with Do-ha. His accidental push after their verbal spat ended up with her falling on a blunt stone causing her death.

Working on producing music with Ethan and his brother, Do-ha’s new beginning as a composer was met with success. He again won as the Composer of the Year at the Korean Music Awards.

Sol-hee who lost her lie-detecting powers momentarily retrieved it just in time to help her parents get together again. However, she decides not to accept the job as a liar hunter anymore.

Later, Do-ha also proposes to her with a sweet tarot card bearing the question of marrying him.

My Lovely Liar


My Lovely Liar Quick Series Recap

Mok Sol-hee (Kim So Hyun) works as a liar-detector to high-profile and rich clientele who want to know the truth behind their prospective dealings.

She meets her neighbor Kim Do-ha (Hwang Min Hyun), a genius composer who opted to seclude himself because of a past crime involving his ex-lover where he was marked as a suspect.

Sol-hee helps clear Do-ha’s name. Eventually, they also developed into a romantic relationship.

My Lovely Liar Series Highlights

The Importance of Being Non-Judgmental and Communicating Hard Feelings

In a world where “cancel culture” continuously thrives, people with less mental grit suffer. Rather than seeking help, they would coop up in their own worlds for fear of not being understood. In the story, Do-ha who was branded a murder suspect had to live in hiding for a crime he did not commit.

Sol-hee’s parents are the perfect example of a couple who still love each other but fail to communicate what they hope each other could have done to save their relationship from working. Thankfully, they were able to accept each other’s misgivings.

The Pain of Nurturing Obsessive Love

How obsession clouds judgment is one of the takeaways of My Lovely Liar. We saw Sol-hee believes her ability as a faultless fact-finding tool, only for her to realize there are lies borne out of love. Likewise, Do-ha’s firm choice to live in shadow when he knows he didn’t commit a crime reminds us not to validate our ugly past with the opinions of others.

Shao-on’s one-sided delusion of being able to provide the love she thinks Do-ha needs also reiterates the practice of engaging in reciprocated love. Any forced connection does not prosper.

It was also a good call to incorporate same-sex attraction in the story especially since obsessive love was considerably highlighted in the narrative.

My Lovely Liar Series Musings

Clear with its story and intentions, My Lovely Liar neatly served lessons while engrossing the viewers with the world that Sol-hee and Do-ha created for each other. Spinning a simple yet unique plot, the side stories from the viewpoints of Sol-hee’s clients offer a peek at ugly reasons why people lie.

The world is lonely and it can get even lonelier if the people you trust disappoint you and only take your importance based on what you can offer them. In defense, we know that Deuk-chan truly cared for Do-ha, so much that he settled for an irreversible choice.

Ultimately, fixation on anything or anyone resonated in this series. It provided ample reality-biting lessons about the impact it has on the object of obsession like how Do-ha shunned himself from the outside and Eom-ji who let her life revolve around someone who can’t give the same amount of attention to her.

A functioning support system like Sol-hee, fortunately, came into Do-ha’s life for him to realize what he has been missing. Sometimes, all we need is the right person who can see us differently and understand our vulnerabilities. But the first step of opening up is always a challenge.

Creating valuable connections might be hard as we age. Our experiences and disappointments with people we’ve known might have piled up to a level where we became adamant about trusting anymore. But such is life, you cannot foresee if each connection you make will last a lifetime or not.

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