K-EVENT: EXO’s Suho Successfully Completes First Solo Concert

The 2024 SUHO CONCERT SU:HOME took place at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 25th and 26th, selling out all tickets.

It was also broadcast live online via Beyond Live and Weverse. The final performance was viewed globally, including in the United States, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan, reaffirming Suho’s worldwide popularity as a solo artist.

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Suho contributed ideas for the overall performance concept and production. The concert title ‘SU: HOME’ symbolized inviting fans to experience Suho’s unique sensibility at ‘home.’ The stage was designed to resemble the house depicted in the poster, creating spaces like rooms, a living room, and a garden, while utilizing special effects such as a curved screen, and a circular lift for added fun.

As the concert was held just before Suho’s new mini-album release on May 31, he performed the double title tracks “1 to 3” and “Cheese (Feat. Wendy),” along with “Mayday,” Wishful Thinking,” “Moonlight,” and “Alright Alright”. Seven songs from the album, including ‘Alright (Feat. Giriboy)’ and ‘Weightless,’ were performed for the first time.

He also performed tracks from his first mini-album, including “Let’s Love” and “For You Now (Feat. Younha),” as well as songs from his second mini-album like “Grey Suit” and “Decanting,” and EXO medleys such as “Growl,” “Addiction,” and “Monster,” captivating the audience.

Suho, who has a strong affinity for band sounds, prepared a set list based on various rock genres for this concert, performing live with a band. He played electric and acoustic guitars on some stages, showcasing his musical sensibility. Featured artists Younha and Giriboy were invited as guests, adding a unique charm to the performances and receiving positive feedback.

Fans dressed in pink filled the venue, holding slogans like ‘Thank you for inviting us to SU:HOME and ‘If there is eternity, it will be about Suho and us,’ chanting ‘Let’s love’ and ‘Let’s love each other.’ They sang ‘Made In You’ together, and various events such as flashing flashlights during the encore and flying paper airplanes took place. Suho read messages from the paper airplanes, and moved to tears.

At the end of the performance, Suho thanked EXO-Ls and the staff, expressing his joy and promising to continue being an artist who shows his dedication through actions, not just words. He added, “If there is such a thing as eternity, it is our story. This concert marks the beginning of the ‘Jeomseonmyeon’ album activities, so let’s meet more often in the future.”

After the Seoul performance, Suho will tour Asia in seven regions, starting with Manila on June 22, Hong Kong on July 6, Taipei on the 13th, Bangkok on the 20th, Kuala Lumpur on the 28th, Jakarta on August 10, and a five-region European tour including London on September 10, Paris on the 12th, Düsseldorf on the 14th, Berlin on the 16th, and Warsaw on the 18th.