K-Media Reveals How Much THIS Girl Group From Small/Medium Label Earned in 2023

This girl group from a small/medium-sized company became a hot topic after their salary for 2023 was revealed.

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K-Media Reveals How Much THIS Girl Group From Small/Medium Company Earned in 2023

How Much Did STAYC Earn From ‘Teddy Bear’ Promotion in 2023? Members’ Salary Revealed

On April 3, Sports Seoul released an exclusive report, revealing the annual salary of the girl group STAYC for the year 2023.

In response, K-pop fans debated if it is a larger or smaller amount than they expected.

STAYC, a girl group with an average age of 21, was launched by High Up Entertainment in 2020. About four years since debut, the group from a relatively small/medium-sized company is doing well, earning about 200 million KRW (148k USD) per member in 2023.

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In particular, their respective salaries were calculated from the group’s activities from January to December 2023 when they promoted “Teddy Bear.”

Based on the article, High Up’s operating profit last year was 14.3 billion KRW (10.6 million USD). There is an increase of 4.04 billion KRW compared to the label’s profit in 2022.

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Accordingly, this rise in their operating profit means a raise in STAYC’s salary as well. Excluding the tax and other expenses, STAYC received a total of 1.12 billion KRW (830k USD).

If the six members share it evenly among themselves, each member would receive about 200M KRW (roughly 187.19 million KRW or 138k USD). This is about 90M higher compared to their annual activity settlement in 2022.

Since their debut in 2020, STAYC has released various hits, including “ASAP,” “STEREOTYPE,” “POPPY,” and more.

“Teddy Bear,” released in February last year, also ranked first in various music charts and music broadcasts, receiving great love for its addictive melodies and “Bear Dance.”

Netizens Debate If 200M KRW Is Small Amount for STAYC’s Salary Considering Their Popularity

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Following the news, a discussion ignited, tackling what STAYC received.

Initially, netizens are shocked by the amount. Their average age is 21 and compared to their peers who are fresh graduates, 200M KRW is five times the amount are usually earning.

On the flip side, they are skeptical about the amount, since fans think that they should be earning more from it, considering the success of their two releases, “Teddy Bear” and “Bubble.”

Nevertheless, STAYC members are expected to receive a larger amount of money next year.

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Since the beginning of this year, STAYC has continued its Asia tour in three countries: Taipei, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Since then, the group has successfully completed their European tour in four European cities: London, Paris, Berlin, and Warsaw.

After completing their first world tour schedule for six months, STAYC confirmed that they immediately began preparing for the release of a new album.