K-Media Speculates Ahyeon Might Not Return to BABYMONSTER — Here’s Why

YG Entertainment attested to fans that Ahyeon will return to BABYMONSTER once she recovers, but the Korean media claimed she might not due to THIS.

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Will Ahyeon Really Return to BABYMONSTER? K-Media Speculates Why It’s Unlikely

While anticipation of Ahyeon recovering her health to officially re-join her group BABYMONSTER is high, the media are skeptical about this, looking at the label’s history.

In the past, there have been many cases of temporary suspension of activities to protect the physical and mental health of K-pop artists.

Babymonster Ahyeon

(Photo : instagram)
Babymonster Ahyeon

However, there are not many cases where a group debuts without one member like Ahyeon. This is because it is important to stand on the stage as a whole, even if there is a delay in debuting.

Unfortunately, BABYMONSTER had no choice but to proceed with their debut excluding Ahyeon because the debut had already been postponed once.

Looking at the history, there is a similar instance where a member postponed her debut and re-joined later, which happened to former LOVELYZ Jisoo where she had to take a break due to malicious rumors. After a year, she was able to join the group.

There are also related scenarios when a new member is added to an already existing group, such as Kyuhyun to Super Junior, Yeri to Red Velvet, and Jungwoo to NCT 127.

Babymonster Ahyeon

(Photo : instagram)
Babymonster Ahyeon

The launching of a new member induces opposition from existing fans, but in the case of Ahyeon, she was originally in the debut group of BABYMONSTER and was only delayed to debut so it would likely go smoothly.

However, the problem that the media was concerned about the most was, among YG idol groups, there have been no cases in which members have joined in the middle so far.

Rather, there were only cases where a member who had been suspended for health reasons left the team as it was, such as Taehyun from WINNER and Mashiho from TREASURE.


(Photo : Ahyeon (theqoo)

IZE then stated:

“This is where many fans are worried. They are worried that Ahyeon may leave the team and YG like the seniors in the previous agency.

Of course, the assumption that Ahyeon would also do this just because there was no previous case like this is also meaningless.

Why Ahyeon Failed to Join BABYMONSTER’s Debut in November

BABYMONSTER Ahyeon Faces Controversy Ahead of Debut For Using 'N-word' in Past Clip

(Photo : Ahyeon (Instagram))

When BABYMONSTER members were introduced this year, K-pop fans were excited to meet BLACKPINK’s junior and YG’s first girl group in seven years.

Among them, Ahyeon particularly stood out best due to her beauty, top-notch skills and impressive leadership. However, ahead of the group’s debut on November 27, the label suddenly announced that the member would not join the team due to health problems.

Initially, YG announced that she would leave the team, but after massive backlash, the label promised that Ahyeon might return to the group in their next release. Regardless of this statement, YG is yet to confirm if she will 100% rejoin or if it is only a possibility.