K-netizens are amazed to find out Rosé designed BLACKPINK’s mics+her amazing artistic skills

BLACKPINK’s Rosé keeps suprising Korean netizens with her talents

On September 23rd, on the popular Korean forum Nate Pann, a post was made with the title “Rosé directly designed BLACKPINK’s mics.”

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blackpink micro design

The post includes photos of BLACKPINK’s new mics and Jisoo’s Instagram story asking Rosé to release the sketches of the mics. It goes on to explain that these mics have been used by BLACKPINK since their Couchella performance and the mics are actually designed by member Rosé.

The netizen who made the post also shows some of Rosé’s beautiful drawings as a way to compliment her talent.

rose design helmet

Original post: Nate Pann

After seeing this post, many Korean netizens have flooded the comment section to give their praises to BLACKPINK’s main vocalist.

Some of the comments include,

[+11,-1] BLACKPINK’s mics – before and after.
[+11,-1] BLACKPINK’s Couchella stage was also designed and set by Rosé
[+10,-1] Rosé is also good at sukudo. She must have a lot of talents.
[+9,-2] The mics were so gorgeous they went so well with the members’ gorgeous outfits. So pretty.

As of 5:00 PM September 23rd, the post has gather approximately 17,000 views and countless comments.