K-netizens are angry after there was an article about fans trying to kiss BTS Jin at the hug event

Attempt to ‘kiss BTS Jin’s cheek’ fails… ARMYs are angry after watching ‘hug party’

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At BTS Jin’s ‘hug party’ held in Jamsil, Seoul on the 13th, a female fan tried to kiss Jin on the cheek, making netizens angry

1. I’m a fan and this is really annoying

2. There is an article about it. This is his first event since being discharged from the army, but I feel sorry for him

3. It’s a bit creepy and scary that she acted like that even though she knew her true identity would be revealed…

4. Should a fan like that be permanently expelled?

5. Isn’t that s*xual harassment?

6. This is really annoying. Do you want to publicly declare that you are a s*xual harasser?

7. If something like this happens, it will be difficult to do an event like this again

8. What you are doing? It’s so ugly…

9. It’s so dirty. What are you doing? Is that s*xual harassment?

10. But did he really hug 1,000 people like that??

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