K-netizens are disappointed with LE SSERAFIM WWW(whowhatwear) pictorial

LE SSERAFIM WWW(whowhatwear) pictorial

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Kim Chaewon




1. What’s up with the makeup… Chaewon?

2. Chaewon always looks ugly in pictorials

3. Why are the photos like this… Is it because of the makeup?

4. At least Eunchae doesn’t look bad, but the rest of the members are in trouble

5. Is this high fashion or something…?

6. Huh Yunjin looks like a Greek goddess

7. Is this a foreign magazine?

8. The kids are pretty but the makeup is disappointing

9. That type of makeup really doesn’t suit Chaewon..ㅜ

10. There are no members who are good at taking photos

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