K-netizens Assume Kang Dong-won Has Read Malicious Comments Regarding Dating Rumor with Rosé

Kang Dong-won’s recent interview with Yoo Jae-suk has made netizens come to this conclusion

On September 22nd, a netizens made a post on the popular online community Nate Pann, titled “It seems like Kang Dong-won has read the comments about his dating rumor with BLACKPINK’s Rosé.” The post also features captured photos of Kang dong-won’s latest appearance on the show “Yoo Quiz on the Block” with MC Yoo Jae-suk.

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In this show, when Yoo Jae-suk said “I think I have not seen anyone say they hate Kang Dong-won” and Kang answered, “I have, on the internet.”

Kang Dongwon

This netizen assumes that Kang Dong-won has read the malicious comments towards him on the internet when a rumor of him dating BLACKPINK’s Rosé broke out.

As Kang Dong-won is one of Korea’s most beloved actors who has never gotten in any scandals, many K-netizens seem to agree that the only time he was criticized was because of this rumor. Meanwhile, some netizens believe it was not Rosé’s fans who criticized him.

Some of the most popular comments under the post read,

  • [+67,-7] That was actually the first time I saw someone criticizing Kang Dong-won’s appearance.
  • [+64,-14] Rosé’s fans didn’t even mention the dating rumor because we wanted to protect her privacy? I’ve never seen fans swear at the other person. At that time, it was not Rosé’s fans who criticized him for being old because of the big age gap, and at that time, most of the fans responded that it didn’t matter if Rosé was happy, we were surprised that the other person was someone we really couldn’t think of, and we didn’t want to talk about her private life. And along with the dating rumor, other fandoms made malicious rumors about Rosé and publicized them, so we were busy covering them.
  • [+66,-77] The reality is that Kang Dong-won is very handsome, has a good physique, is talented, and has a good career. Only the Southeast Asian fans bragging about them not wanting to waste their unnie.
  • [+60,-3] You ladies in your 40s are crazy, leave the female idols alone. Lol whenever a dating rumor with a big age gap breaks out and the man is older, everyone from the girl’s side will criticize the man. Not only Kang Dong-won, but other male celebrities were also criticized. Suddenly, it looks like it was just Rosé’s fans. In the opposite, since it was Kang Dong-won, people rather sexually harassed and cursed at Rosé. What are you talking about?

As of 11:30pm September 22nd (KST), the original has gathered 42,300 views and more comments are pouring in. What is your opinion?

Source: Nate Pann