K-netizens Comment On IVE Liz’s Changed Chin Shape

The visual of IVE’s Liz is arousing keen attention

A netizen recently pointed out the change on IVE’s Liz face by comparing photos of her debut days and recently taken photos. They said, “During the early days of her debut, Liz had a round face and her chin was really pretty. After suddenly gaining weight then losing weight, her chin suddenly became like that of Yoo Ah In or EXO’s Kai. But of course, Liz is always pretty regardless of her chin shape”.

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Original post: Nate Pann

In response to the post, other netizens commented:

– I’m just speechless. I think she looks the same in all the pictures you’re showing here…

– But I think she looks the same as when she debuted…

– I’ve been a fan of Liz since her debut days. I watch her videos very often and knew how her face was when she debuted. I think the shape and features of her face are still the same… Her face is not so much different from that in the photos taken during her school days before debut. She looks almost the same…

– Apart from the fact that her facial features have become clearer after losing baby fat, what are the differences?