K-netizens Criticized aespa’s Debut Styling For Being Too Out-dated

On February 10, a netizen made a post on the Korean online forum Nate Pann with the title “aespa’s debut styling.”

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This netizen attached photos of aespa on a music program only 4 days after their debut, claiming that their styling was too tacky. “I tried to capture everyone’s prettiest moment if possible, but I could get one good photo of Winter and Ning Ning no matter how much I tried to capture it. I think Winter is the prettiest at this time though,” said the post.


The netizen believed the stylist was the problem. “MC Arin is so pretty. It’s my first time thinking that Arin is pretty while watching this video,” the netizen added, comparing aespa’s styling with Oh My Girl’s Arin. However, this netizen also attached a photo taken recently of aespa, complimenting on their current makeup and style.

After a day, this post has gathered approximately 82,000 views and countless comments. Some of the top comments are as follows:

  • “I think they purposely tried to make their hair and makeup look unique and cyber-like for the group concept. They put on really bright and big lenses. The makeup artist didn’t put blusher on them on purpose at the time, but these days, their makeup looks good and pretty”
  • “But the vibe of their debut was good. Of course, the makeup is much better now, but the emotions were good then…”
  • “But I miss the sparkling styling in “Black Mamba” because it’s hard to see it anymore,,,”
  • “I liked it because it was like AI lol I don’t think they’ll do this style anymore”
  • “Personally, I hope Karina can dye her hair blue and black again like in “Black Mamba.” It looks good on her.”

What is your opinion?

Source: Nate Pann