K-netizens discussed if BTS Jungkook’s dancing skill has developed enough to replace j-hope

This opinion has received mixed reactions from Korean netizens

On September 18th, a post was made on the popular Korean forum Nate Pann, complementing Jungkook’s recent dance video. 

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Original post: Pann Nate

The post is titled “At this level Jungkook can replace j-hope.” The post claims,

“How exactly good is he (Jungkook)?

 BTS’s main dancer is j-hope, right?

I saw Jungkook’s new video.

Jungkook is f**cking good at dancing.”

After it was published, this post has gathered almost 60,000 views and countless comments from other netizens as it compares the two BTS members. 

Some of the most popular comments are as below.

[+111,-3] The Tiktok Jungkook posted yesterday (đăng gif trong phần cmt của bài)
[+111,-20] No need to mention j-hope.
[+105,-15] Even though Jungkook is my bias, Hobi dances just as chic and lightly as a street dancer. Every dance team leader will know it when they see it.
[+94,-4] I think Jungkook is actually underrated within the fandom. He is so good at dancing I thought  he was a professional dancer.
[+81,-5] Honestly, I think both of them are really good at dancing, but their styles are different. Jungkook’s power is good but it doesn’t feel like he’s shaking because he can’t control his power. He seems to have a really good core. He dances to the beat neatly. j-hope’s dancing feels more energetic than powerful? He’s so flexible and elastic. But he’s so good that I’m amazed that he’s not in charge of the choreography.
[+67,-2] He is the golden maknae, isn’t he?

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