K-netizens Give Mixed Reactions About NewJeans Hanni’s Blond Hair At Gucci Event

Her new look is gathering attention on Korean online communities

On September 23rd, on the popular Korean online community Nate Pann, a netizen made a post titled “Have you seen Hanni’s blond hair at Gucci’s event? It’s crazy,” featuring photos of Hanni’s blond

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Under the title, this netizen gave complemented Hanni by saying, “She looks so hot I was shocked. Please act in a Nexflix production.”

Original post: Nate Pann

The post has gathered 18,500 views and countless comments with different reactions to Hanni’s new style.

Some popular comments include,
[+44,-53] What is this? This is seriously (bad).

[+40,-11] Blond hair is also very beautiful.
[+29,-6] She’s got high teen vibe.
[+29,-36] Ew, what’s that look?
[+26,-3] She is like a ‘hot girl’.
[+12,-18] KPOP’s Suzy

What is your opinion on Hanni’s new hair?