K-netizens Mock Lee Soo Man For Wearing ‘SuperM Friendship Ring’ 

Lee Soo Man recently participated in the General Assembly meeting of International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) on May 30 (KST) as a keynote speaker. This is his first public appearance after leaving SM Entertainment, so it gathers a lot of attention.

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At this event, the former SM president was seen wearing the ‘Chrome Hearts’ ring, which is also known as Lee Soo Man‘s “SuperM friendship ring”. 

lee soo man

SuperM is super group formed of the most popular male idols of SM Entertainment in 2019. The “friendship rings” were gifts from Lee Soo Man to the 7 members to celebrate their debut. Member Taemin at the time jokingly asked for the ring on Lee Soo Man’s hand, so Lee gave it to him, then bought the another ring that looks the same for himself.

Seeing this ring on Lee’s hand at the recent event even though he has left SM, many Korean netizens wonder if Lee was hinting at something.

They left comments such as,

“He must be so happy with all the money that went straight to his pocket from SuperM.”

“He really wanted to be the new member of SuperM lol.”

“What is this old geezer thinking now…”

“Well, SuperM was a group of grandpa’s favorites.”

“I wonder if he considers SuperM his proudest work.”

“Why does he look so energetic..? Like he still has about 10 years left in the tank in this industry..?”

“Was he planning on joining SuperM after Lucas..??”

“Even after all these years, grandpa sure knows how to attract attention to himself.”

“He’s like one of those people who broke up with their ex but they like the gift that their ex gave them too much so they still wear it.”

“That geezer was one of SuperM’s biggest fans. The only problem was that he was the only one who got anything out of it.”