K-netizens Mocked LE SSERAFIM’s Fans For Blaming Other Idols For Their Idols’ Controversies

On June 8, a netizen made a post on the popular Korean online forum Nate Pann with the title “The funniest thing about LE SSERAFIM’s cockroaches is lol.” “LE SSERAFIM’s cockroaches” is an insult term used for LE SSERAFIM’s fans.

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The post claims that before the fight between HYBE and Min Hee-jin broke out, LE SSERAFIM’s fans believed the group had to be in the same class as NewJeans, so they stuck to NewJeans and Bunnies (NewJeans’ fans) while criticizing other groups such as IVE and aespa. Now as the fight broke out and LE SSERAFIM became the target for criticism, LE SSERAFIM’s fans believed Min Hee-jin and Bunnies are trying to take down LE SSERAFIM, so they turned to criticize NewJeans.


Comparing the situation with Jang Won-young and Ahn Yu-jin being criticized for IZ*ONE’s disbandment, the post continued, “Why do you blame others? Why is it because of Jang Won-young and Ahn Yu-jin that IZ*ONE disbanded, and why is LE SSERAFIM being criticized by the public right now Min Hee-jin and NewJeans’ faults? Can’t you breathe without blaming others?”

After only a day, this post has gathered approximately 52,000 views and countless comments. Some of the comments are as follows:

“I don’t know about the IZ*ONE one so I won’t say anything about it, but I don’t understand why they are blaming NewJeans while the public criticizes LE SSERAFIM because of their Coachella performance.”

“They pretend to be multi-fandom fans to criticize IVE on YouTube as well. 9 out of 10 of the channels that criticize IVE and compliment LE SSERAFIM are their fans.”

“This is so true.”

“And aespa as well lol. They stuck to NewJeans and ignored aespa, but when the results of aespa’s latest comeback came out well this time, they stuck aespa as if they were the same level and come to criticize IVE and NewJeans lol.”

“During Coachella, LE SSERAFIM’s cockroaches attached BTS, RIIZE, GFRIEND, BLACKPINK, and IVE. ^^ Truly the worst fandom of the 4th generation.”