K-netizens react to British media saying that Min Heejin is a woman resisting Korea’s patriarchal workplace culture

British media reported, “Min Heejin is a woman resisting Korea’s patriarchal workplace culture”

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The Financial Times (FT) reported that many Korean women accept the conflict between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Heejin as a “young woman resisting Korea’s patriarchal workplace culture.”

FT stated, “This situation raises questions about how the K-pop industry, including top entertainment companies like HYBE, can replicate the success of the past decade amid declining stock prices. HYBE will find it more challenging to handle Min Heejin as she is seen as a hero by many young women.”

A 31-year-old woman working in education in Seoul said, “What CEO Min goes through is what we go through every day in a male-dominated and hierarchical corporate culture,” adding, “It’s what we dreamed of for CEO Min to speak out.”

1. Just the fact that Min Heejin is holding that position already has feminist significance

2. Patriarchal workplace culture.. For real, British people understand Korean reality better than Koreans

3. Min Heejin’s existence is the hope of women

4. Min Heejin never aimed for feminism, she only asked for rational thinking, but the fact that she became a symbol speaks to the current state of Korean society

5. I will support Min Heejin forever

6. I support Min Heejin because she said everything I wanted to scream at work

7. I support Min Heejin!

8. I support Min Heejin no matter what she does~

9. That’s why there are so many people supporting Min Heejin, including me

10. After watching the press conference, I felt angry about living in this society, so I started cheering and became a fan of NewJeans

11. To be honest, that’s true

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