K-netizens React To Fans’ Protest Trucks Amid ZB1 Kim Ji-woong’s Swearing Scandal

ZB1’s Kim Ji-woong was recently exposed for swearing at a fan during a fancall, sparking controversy. As the issue intensified, some fans decided to send protest trucks to ZB1’s company to demand Kim Ji-woong’s withdrawal from the group.

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In particular, the messages on protest trucks drew keen attention from netizens. Below are some of the messages:

  • “Kim Ji-woong ssi, quickly leave the group” (a wordplay using the swear word Kim Ji-woong said to the fan in the controversial fancall video)
  • “We voted for you to debut, and you repay us with swear words. Leave the group now”
  • If you insist on staying, all the Zeroses (ZB1’s fandom) will leave. You’re the eldest but you caused problems to your 8 younger brothers”
  •  “The group got hated because of one controversial member. Kim Ji-woong, leave”

In response, netizens in Nate Pann commented:

– The way they are using that swear word to make the message is so freaking funny. What a joke

– They are swearing at him using the word he said to fans. Can you understand fans’ frustration and despair now?… This mirror effect is so good

– It’s not that you made your debut in an agency yourself. They voted for you to debut in the audition program…. This is so shocking

– More messages haven’t been revealed yet. I’m so excited

– Isn’t the group going to the company every day for practice and language classes? All the members will see the trucks… How can you hide your face now?

Source: Nate Pann