K-netizens react to fansite photos of Rosé at BLACKPINK Gocheok concert

BLACKPINK Rosé’s beauty once again becomes a hot topic

BLACKPINK held the first day of their encore concert at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul on September 16th. The members surprised fans with their beautiful visuals and spectacular performances.

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Right after the concert, photos of Rosé taken by her fansite masters were posted on social media and spread widely to Korean online communities, including Nate Pann.

Original post: Nate Pann

Netizens poured compliments on Rosé’s goddess beauty. They commented:

– This is so crazy… she looks so cute

– Rosé’s fansite masters are also considered legends in the fansite world. Rosé doesn’t need her agency YG to take pictures for her but she needs her fansites. Fans even say that Rosé fansites are doing better work than YG

– Are you a princess? She looks like Princess Aurora. This is crazy

– To be honest, I think Rosé’s fansites are taking better photos than her own agency

– She’s so cute..