K-netizens react to foreign media reporting on Jennie’s indoor smoking controversy

Foreign media also paid attention to Jennie’s apology for smoking… “They do not tolerate any mistakes in the Korean entertainment industry”

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CNN says that “K-pop stars are subject to enormous public scrutiny.”

They also mentioned that Aespa Karina apologized to fans when her relationship with actor Lee Jae Wook was discovered last March

BBC points out, “South Korea requires K-pop stars to adhere to strict ethical and behavioral standards and does not tolerate any mistakes.” At the same time, they added that smoking indoors is illegal in Korea and carries a fine of up to 100,000 won.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported, “Korean stars undergo rigorous training for several years before debut and must adhere to high standards of conduct in the early stages debuted, including bans on smoking, dating and swearing.”

1. No, that wasn’t a mistake. That’s disrespectful… Do you know that’s disrespectful?!!!!!

2. ??? A mistake???

3. Does that mean blowing smoke in someone else’s face is allowed abroad?

4. Is smoking indoors a mistake?

5. There’s a difference between disrespect and mistakes

6. In Italy, smoking indoors is illegal, but blowing smoke in someone’s face is rude in Korea

7. I don’t think any country is as tolerant of celebrities as Korea

8. Drunk driving, smoking indoors, gambling, drugs. This is not a mistake

9. ? Is blowing cigarette smoke in someone else’s face a mistake?

10. Why is it a mistake?

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