K-netizens react to G-Dragon pressing like on BTS V’s photo

Some netizens are amazed to see BTS V’s photo getting a like from BIG BANG G-Dragon

A netizen recently posted a screenshot showing G-Dragon pressing like on a photo of BTS V, drawing keen attention. 

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It was a photo of V and a Japanese chef taken at a recent event. Under the photo, the phrase “Liked by xxxibgdragon (G-Dragon’s Instagram account)” can be seen clearly.

GDragon pressing like on BTS V’s photo

In response, other netizens commented:

– It was the event at Paradise (Hotel). G-Dragon also attended that event so he could like the post. Don’t interpret it with a different meaning

– As I know G-Dragon’s account automatically likes a post with one of the hashtags, such as #gdragon #bigbang #gd #xxxibgdragon, every 2-3 seconds as a fanservice. Sometimes if you include a hashtag for an event, the post pops up in the algorithm and the like is automatically pressed. GD actually went to that event and performed DJing there.

– There’s no meaning in GD liking someone’s post but why do ARMYs always try to give a meaning to it??? My friend has a fanaccount and GD also liked their postsㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3 times alreadyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– The fact that GD clicks like on some posts using his official account does not give any meaning. It’s either by a bot, a habit of liking posts with hashtags about himself, or just the algorithm. His official account is for business, liking posts as a fanservice, advertising (CFs, Chanel magazine covers, etc.), sometimes giving whereabouts for business purposes, leaving comments for his acquaintances and following them, etc. Sometimes the algorithm works on all the posts of people participating in the same event. Fans are saying that his attendance at the Paradise City event was the reason behind the like

– The like button for GD is meaningless. I don’t understand why people are keeping an eye on each and every like he did

Source: Nate Pann