K-netizens react to Kwon Eun Bi unfollowing Lee Chae Yeon 

A netizen found out that Kwon Eun Bi recently unfollowed Lee Chae Yeon

Recently, a netizen on Nate Pann posted a screenshot of Kwon Eun Bi’s following list and pointed out that she unfollowed only Lee Chae Yeon among IZ*ONE members, drawing attention.

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Although Lee Chae Yeon is still following Kwon Eun Bi, some people have started to raise suspicions of a crack in the two’s relationship.

Kwon Eun Bi unfollowing Lee Chae Yeon 

In response, other netizens commented:

– I thought she unfollowed by mistake but it seems like all IZ*ONE members have unfollowed Lee Chae Yeon

– What’s wrong again? Lee Chae Yeon and Kwon Eun Bi just appeared on a radio show together not long ago. Stop making up rumors to gain attention

– I think they’re still following each other? Friendship crack? Stop talking sh*t

– But even if it’s a mistake why does it always happen to IZ*ONE members?… Was it because they followed each other first

– Seems like Pann girls are so nervous because they have nothing to criticize Lee Chae Yeonㅋㅋ They’re always making up strange stories

Source: Nate Pann