K-netizens react to NMIXX fans reporting BeLift Lab’s plagiarism explanation video to JYP

NMIXX fans reported BeLift Lab’s plagiarism explanation video to JYP

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“Reporting a malicious cyber wrecker YouTuber spreading malicious incitement videos that suggest NMIXX’s ‘Love Me Like This’ (released March 20, 2023) choreography is similar to NewJeans’ ‘Ditto’ (released January 02, 2023) choreography. Urgent action is requested.”

1. They wrote the email so well

2. Honestly, I think the person in charge will laugh when they receive it

3. JYP get to work

4. So funny how the fan reported Belift Lab’s YouTube channel

5. Bang Si Hyuk is Park Jin Young’s friend, seriously

6. It was reported immediately

7. This is so hilarious

8. They need to be sued

9. This is so well written

10. That was so fast

11. Are you a civil servant? Why did you write it so neatly?

12. Amazing how Belift Lab managed to make enemies with everyone

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