K-netizens react to photo of Jennie’s mom and Lisa’s mom together at BLACKPINK’s Coachella stage

Fans admire BLACKPINK members and their parents’ close relationships 

A netizen on Nate Pann spread a photo showing Jennie’s mom and Lisa’s mom attending a concert together, saying “BLACKPINK members are very close and their parents also get along well”. The two mothers were seen walking while holding hands.

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jennie and lisa mom

The netizen thought it was taken at the recent Gocheok concert at first but later changed their caption and explained that it was a photo from the Coachella Festival.

Original post: Nate

In response, other netizens commented:

– Looks like Lisa’s family is very polite and harmonious. That’s why she grew up well without any past problems

– BLACKPINK girls are as close as family members. Their parents also seem to be close to each other

– I think it was during Coachella, not the Gocheok concert. Even before the two became this close, they even went on a trip together

– It’s so nice to see such a scene. The members are like a family and even their parents are very close to each other.

– They even came to BLACKPINK’s recent concert. BLACKPINK is really a family

– It would be even better if fans could also get along well like this. But I think that’s impossible because Thai fans always have a victim mentality and create tension with other members’ fans…