K-netizens react to SHINee Minho becoming serious after watching IVE Jang Wonyoung’s aegyo video

SHINee Minho’s hilarious reaction to IVE Jang Wonyoung’s aegyo and the way he recreated her aegyo attracted netizens’ attention.

The theqoo article regarding this became a hot topic with nearly 45,000 views as of the afternoon of Sep 11th. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

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Original post: theqoo

– Idol is really an extreme job lol

– The way he does aegyo is so different from Wonyoung haha

– I’ve felt this for a long time. Minho is a manly man and has a really nice personality.

– Both are so cute.

– If you look at SHINee, you’ll understand why they last long. They not only work hard on stage but are also sincere towards fans.

– Minho’s expression… So funny… Nevertheless, he does his best.