K-netizens React To Stray Kids’s Han Being The Youngest Idol Among KOMCA’s Full Members

Stray Kids’s Han is one of the idols who got promoted to full members by KOMCA this year

A fan posted the information that Stray Kids’ Han is currently the youngest idol among those who have been promoted to full members of KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) on online communities, drawing keen attention from netizens. 

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According to the standards for full member promotion as of December 31st of the previous year (2022), one should be a junior member of KOMCA for three years with a large amount of royalties from their copyrighted songs.

Around 20 idols have been promoted to full members of KOMCA in 2023 and among them, Han is currently the youngest. In addition, the three youngest among those 20 idols are actually Stray Kids’s members (Bang Chan, Changbin and Han).

stray kids han

Born in 2000, Han is 22 years old this year. He’s an all-rounder idol who can rap, sing, dance, write lyrics, and compose songs. He participated in writing and composing several Stray Kids albums. His representative works are, “CHILL” in the 7th mini album, “Collision” in the 3rd full album, OST song “SLUMP”, etc.

Original post: Nate Pann

In response to this information, netizens commented:

– So the promotion of full members is based on the total sum of cumulative copyright fees they receive

– Our genius Quokka

– Genius Quokka Han Ji-sung (Han’s real name)

– I’m happy that Han always repays our support with good songs. I want to recommend the song “Another Day”

– Wow… How many songs do they have to compose to become a full member? I wonder how much they earn

– I’m proud of him