K-netizens Sympathize With NCT DREAM’s Renjun Exposing Sasaengfans

Recent posts of NCT DREAM’s Renjun, who is currently halting activities due to panic disorder and anxiety, in the group’s fan communication app Bubble complaining about sasaengfans’ severe invasion of privacy in Nate Pann, arousing keen interest from netizens.

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In particular, Renjun even revealed screenshots of the sasaengfans’ phone number and X account and announced that he would take legal against their illegal acts until the end.

The netizen who shared his post in Nate Pann also expressed frustration, saying “I wonder how angry he must have felt to react like that. I hope no one will take his words lightly and think of this as something ridiculous. He already said that he had depression and panic disorder, yet I saw many comments asking why he went out while being sick…Sasaengfan problem is so serious… Be strong Renjun” 

Original post: pann nate

In response, other netizens commented:

– I saw his post a few days ago and I had to exclaim that they were too mean to such a bright and active kid. I feel so sorry for him knowing that those crazy sasaengfans will still annoy him even if he goes to a private vacation resort in the West, not his hometown in China or in Koreaㅠㅠ

– This is too stressful…ㅜㅠ I hope he rest well and recover quickly

– At that point, it would be very strange if he didn’t get sick. Those are literally stalking crimes, not just sasaengfans’ acts… I hope they get sued without mercy. Curing Panic disorder and depression is particularly difficult, so don’t let this go easily. This should be done as an example for the sake of Dreamies and other idols too! Also, leave the kid alone… Renjun fighting! Rest well then come back!!!

– This is so heartbreaking for Renfs…

– Seeing him react like that, it seems very dangerous. Sasaengfans and people who made malicious comments without thinking should reflect on themselves. II hope Renjun eats a lot of delicious food, rests well, and recovers quickly without worrying. I’m not his fan but I’m sad and worried seeing this