K-netizens talk about Park Bo Gum and NewJeans Danielle’s two-shot for Celine

Celine Park Bo Gum and NewJeans Danielle two-shot

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1. Hul Danielle is crazy….

2. Danielle is just a princess

3. Why is Park Bo Gum not aging…?

4. The visuals are really crazy. They look like anime characters

5. They look like dolls

6. No, they are not human. Aren’t they from another world??ㅠㅠ

7. Wow the visuals are crazy

8. Wow, Park Bo Gum is really cool and Danielle is also so pretty

9. Park Bo Gum is handsome and looks like the angel of death

10. Danielle looks like a princess

11. It’s like a detective movie on Netflix

12. Like a scene from an anime

13. This combination is quite interesting

14. The height difference between the two of them is bigger than I thought

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