K-netizens were shocked when Dispatch revealed that Yoon Bomi and producer Rado have been dating for 8 years

[Exclusive] “2500 days, Only One”… Yoon Bomi♥Rado, dating for 8 years

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According to Dispatch, Rado (39 years old) and Yoon Bomi (30 years old) started dating in April 2017. The relationship started with music. Since then, they have been dating for 8 years

1. 8 years? I was so shocked

2. What’s even more surprising is that 2017 was 8 years ago

3. Don’t fans know about her relationship?

4. Wow, if they’ve been quietly dating for 8 years, then Bomi is truly a professional idol

5. Bomi, please be happy ㅠㅠㅠ

6. Wow, how could they hide their relationship for 8 years?

7. Wow, since she was 22 years old…? That was amazing

8. Isn’t this Apink’s first official dating rumor??

9. Wow daebak, 8 years but there aren’t any rumors

10. Is he the one who created STAYC???

11. Wow, I also like Bomi and Rado. I love you guys so much and please help STAYC come back quickly

12. It looks like they are about to get married

13. Is Rado the president of STAYC’s company?

14. Wow, the age difference is 9 years but they have been dating for 8 years

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