K-Netz Claim NMIXX’s Technical Issue Was ‘Orchestrated’ + NSWERs Defend Group From Remarks

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The topic has gained attention online.

Earlier on May 27, NMIXX surprised everyone at the Shinhan University music festival, where they performed several of their hits. However, during their stage for “DICE,” the group suddenly encountered technical difficulties due to the abrupt stopping of their backtrack.

Despite the absence of an instrumental or backing, NMIXX persevered and continued the show by displaying their live vocals, which gained immense praise online. The performance also went viral on social media and fans couldn’t be prouder of the group’s performance skills.

The video also emphasized how much of a powerhouse group NMIXX is in the fourth and fifth generations. Ever since their debut, the group has been praised for their ability to capture the audience’s attention with their talent, stage presence, and chemistry.

Watch the clip below:

However, some were skeptical of the mishap’s authenticity. On May 29, netizens established two online threads, with one claiming that NMIXX’s technical difficulties were done on purpose, and the other one containing member Bae’s reaction to the complication.

The OP then shared a list of points that recounted the events, which came from a faculty staff member’s alleged testimony.


“I’m just going to reveal a tiny bit of information.

The NMIXX technical mishap in the first half was something that was planned for the performance, (When the music stopped, everyone in the Synergy Zone looked at one, and doubted if it was a real mistake).

According to a testimony from a faculty member who has worked there for over 10 years, it was the largest gathering ever in the university’s history.

Originally, NMIXX wasn’t invited, but it was supposed to be Shinhan University’s first boy group (The identity is a secret).”

K-Netz Claim NMIXX's Technical Issue Was 'Orchestrated' + NSWERs Defend Group From Remarks
(Photo : TheQoo)

“The music suddenly cut off.

I was so shocked.

I was shocked so I couldn’t control my expressions.

But I kept moving my body and I just naturally continued singing.”

Korean netizens reacted to the posts:

  • “I’m embarrassed for the fans still claiming that it’s not orchestrated
  • “No, but they were claiming that people saying it was orchestrated had no brain, turns out it’s so obviously orchestrated.”
  • “So, it was fake.”
  • “NMIXX is already known to be good at live, why go this far?”
  • “I’m so embarrassed.”
  • “Seriously this generation is all about creating fake viral moments
  • “There’s no way they didn’t know.”
  • “Huh? Maybe the members didn’t know.”

Fans were enraged by the claims and came to the girl group’s defense.

  • “Let’s say it was orchestrated. By this logic, idols who lip-sync are liars too lol.”
  • “Literally who cares? NMIXX still ate. I think the most impressive thing is how they sounded without backtrack. That’s just pure talent.”
  • “Why are we supposed to care exactly? Fake or not, I’d rather have viral K-pop moments like this than idols sounding like dying goats or looking like they’ll cry every time they can’t lip-sync lmao.”
  • “Lmao how is this an issue?”
  • “Does it really matter? they, more than any other group, have the right to do this. their abilities should really be spotlighted more so I don’t blame them for doing it this way
  • “If they planned it AND they flopped with their vocals I could understand backlash but they did well so who really cares? I don’t blame them, have y’all seen JYP’s promo team.”

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