K-Netz Clash Over 4th Gen Girl Group Rankings: Is aespa Truly A-List?

The K-pop realm has become a battleground as netizens engage in a heated debate over the tier list of 4th generation girl groups, igniting disputes over which acts truly deserve A-list status.

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Here’s what K-Netz are buzzing about.

K-Netz Engage in Heated Debate Over Girl Group Rankings: aespa’s Chart Dominance Ignites Controversy

The online dispute erupted when an individual provocatively challenged the established tier list, categorizing girl groups into distinct rankings:

  • A-list: NewJeans, IVE, LE SSERAFIM
  • B-list: Aespa, ITZY, NMIXX, STAYC
  • C-list: Hi-Key, Kep1er, tripleS
  • D-list: Lightsum, Weeekly, Billlie
  • E-list: Class:y, Cignature, Purple Kiss

This incendiary post immediately drew backlash and divided opinions among K-netz, showcasing a clear rift in perceptions. The sentiments expressed were diverse and passionate, reflecting a clash of views within the K-pop community.


(Photo : twitter|@aespa_official@)

Among the fervent comments, a vocal group criticized the ranking and those supporting it, stating:

“Only losers ahjussis who are crazy about Japan would make a fuss about this at places like DC Gallery. For the general public, the A-list groups are Aespa, NewJeans, and IVE. F*cking ahjussis who stan LE SSERAFIM should go away~”

Another netizen vehemently argued that aespa’s consistent chart-topping success substantiates their A-list credentials, saying:

“Aespa has ranked #1 countless times but because you guys ranked #1 once, you’re acting like LE SSERAFIM is some A-list group”

This viewpoint underlines the significance of chart performance in determining group status.

Moreover, there were accusations that the controversial post was a deliberate attempt to incite animosity toward specific girl groups, with a comment asserting:

“This is just a post made by ahjummas to alienate girl groups and to purposely get them hate. Everyone knows that Aespa is an A-list group anyways.”

Divergent Views on aespa’s Status: Debates Emerge Over Next Level’s Impac

However, not everyone shared the sentiment, as criticisms and doubts were raised about aespa’s standing, contending, “Aespa got way too much credit with Next Level; it’s true that they’re a B-list group.”


(Photo : twitter|@aespa_official@)

This viewpoint highlights the divergence in opinions regarding aespa’s perceived ranking.

The debate intensified with queries and skepticism directed toward NMIXX’s placement, questioning their recognition and success: “Why is NMIXX a B-list group? Every time they release a song, they flop and they receive almost no recognition.”

These comments shed light on the scrutiny faced by groups whose popularity might not align with perceived tier placements.

The clash of opinions and passionate discourse surrounding the rankings of 4th generation girl groups reflects the dynamism and fervor within the K-pop community.

As debates rage on, one thing remains clear – the intricate landscape of K-pop rankings and the passionate fandoms behind each group continue to shape and redefine the industry’s dynamics.