K-Netz Wonder Why THIS 4th-Gen Group Isn’t Popular Despite Top-Tier Visuals, Skills

Among A-list fourth-gen artists, THIS K-pop girl group is gaining interest in why they weren’t as popular as others despite their top-tier visuals and skills.

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On February 4, an internet user took to the online community Nate Pann to release an article titled, “I don’t know why they don’t come up among female idols…”

In particular, the writing featured the girl group TripleS and the OP explained why they are worthy to become popular even more.

Should TripleS Become A-List Group With Their Visuals, Skills & High-Quality Music?

(Photo : Twitter)

In the article, the author shared their sentiments, saying:

“TripleS. Of course, they are more popular than other ‘nugu’ idols, but I hope they become more popular.

First of all, all the members are pretty, and the quality of the songs that the company spends a lot of money on is really good, it’s surprising that they have such pretty people who sing and dance well.

There are a lot of members, so (the company) couldn’t spend a lot of money, but their coordination is really well and their fashion taste is on point.”

K-Netz Wonder Why THIS 4th-Gen Group Isn't Popular Despite Top-Tier Visuals, Skills
(Photo : Yubin (Nate Pann))
K-Netz Wonder Why THIS 4th-Gen Group Isn't Popular Despite Top-Tier Visuals, Skills
(Photo : Sohyun (Nate Pann))
K-Netz Wonder Why THIS 4th-Gen Group Isn't Popular Despite Top-Tier Visuals, Skills
(Photo : Xinyu (Nate Pann))

The OP continued to praise the girl group’s discography, recognizing the high-quality MV, vocals, choreography and arrangement of their songs including “Generation,” “Rising,” and “Girls’ Capitalism” One couldn’t even recognize it coming from a small/medium-sized company.

The writer concluded:

“I hope they could become more popular. They don’t expose themselves like other idols and the members are really pretty.”

(Photo : Twitter)

As a brief background, TripleS initially released pre-debut sub-units in 2022, while they were officially launched as a group in February 2023.

Currently, there are 20 members introduced, but they aim to promote as a decentralized girl group with 24 members.

Under this system, the members will have a comeback either by unit, or solo group, and the decision will be based on their fandom by voting using “Objekts,” an NFT photo card that lets them communicate and decide with the artists.

K-Netizens Explain Why TripleS Can’t Rise to Fame Regardless of Visuals & Skills

As of writing, the post attracted over 160k views and netizens explained why TripleS couldn’t rise to fame regardless of being equipped with idol abilities.

(Photo : Modhaus)

One of the reasons was due to their large number of members and rotating system.

  • “There are too many members and they all look the same.”
  • “It’s like the female version of NCT. There are so many members that I don’t even want to dig into them.”
  • “There are too many incompetent members.”
  • “There are too many members who look alike. I think it would have been better if they could only have 4-6 members like the ones in ‘Rising.”
  • “Honestly, there are too many members that I don’t need to support.”

TripleS debuts as a full group with a fan-voted song today
(Photo : TripleS Twitter)

Another reason was because they debuted in a small/mid-sized company that they lacked the viral marketing most big labels have.

  • “This is my first time hearing about them. Who are they? I don’t think they are being promoted.”
  • “Isn’t it because they came from a small/mid-sized company?”
  • “It requires a miracle to rise from a small company.”