K-Nevies Defend (G)I-DLE Shuhua From Claim of Using Poor Health to Skip Activities

In an online community, Korean Neverlands defended (G)I-DLE Shuhua from malicious posts, implying she is using her poor health as an excuse to skip the group’s schedules.

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(G)I-DLE Shuhua Criticized for Recent Activity While Co-Members Are Working

On February 13, a Korean netizen took to Nate Pann to speculate that Shuhua is using her health condition as a means to avoid (G)I-DLE’s promotional activities for their latest comeback with “2.”

The claim stemmed from a post of a fan who saw Shuhua at a night market in Taiwan, just days after Cube Entertainment announced her temporary break to recover from her poor health.

(G)I-DLE Shuhua
(Photo : Facebook: (G)I-DLE)

In the post, the OP wondered why she wasn’t resting if she was sick and continued to claim that she was trying to skip group activities when the remaining members are all working.

Around the same time, EVERLINE announced a fansign event with (G)I-DLE. The event is scheduled to be in March, but it was revealed three weeks prior that Shuhua will not join them.

As a response, various theories and criticism are spreading among the fans. According to OP, it could be a sign that Shuhua will most likely NOT renew her contract with Cube Entertainment.

(G)I-DLE Shuhua
(Photo : instagram)
(G)I-DLE Shuhua

On top of that, Shuhua was criticized for being unprofessional for saying that she was sick but being caught roaming around in public.

They compared her to Minnie and Yuqi, who will attend the event although they recently announced a hiatus due to poor health as well.

Here are some of the comments:

  • “She wasn’t able to participate in their March schedule. Shuhua is really doing whatever she wants.”
  • “It wouldn’t be harmful to the group even if Shuhua leaves.”
  • “There is a clear difference between the professionalism of Shuhua and Yuqi. I think she’s a member that is not needed at all.”

K-Nevies Defend (G)I-DLE Shuhua From Claim of Using Poor Health to Skip Activities
(Photo : Shuhua (Nate Pann))

  • “The other members were forced to take a break this week, so where is the conscience of Shuhua’s fans? Who caused their third week of schedules to be canceled again?”
  • “She ruined their live stage, didn’t practice, went to the night market and she just ran away from their home.”
  • “Does it make sense to give her such a long break during comeback activities?”
  • “It’s Shuhua who can’t even memorize the lyrics of their song, just don’t come back.”

Nevies Defend Shuhua from Malicious Comments

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(Photo : Shuhua (Kpopping))

Despite these accusations, K-Neverlands jumped to idol’s defense and criticized those claiming that she can’t go out when she’s sick and she ran away to Taiwan to skip the group’s schedules.

Shuhua’s supporters pointed out that she has been working non-stop since last year, and in fact, not only does Shuhua deserve a month-long break but the whole (G)I-DLE.

  • “Stop doing that to a sick kid. As a fan, I am delighted that she’s in her hometown and I hope that she will have a good rest.”
  • “They’ve had a really hard time managing their crazy schedules since the middle and second half of last year without being able to rest.”

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(Photo : Shuhua (Instagram))

  • “Is it something to be criticized for returning to your hometown because you are sick? If you’re sick, can’t you go out and have to lie alone in your home? Even though I’m a fan of other people, it’s ridiculous.”
  • “Oh, just please leave her alone. Why are you messing with someone who’s sick? I think she just took a break to rest and went home to see her parents.”
  • “I guess she went home because she was sick. When I get sick abroad, I also think of my parents first.
  • She’s been having a hard time with her schedule going back and forth because of her agency, so let it go. It must be difficult for foreigners to come to Korea alone and get sick.
  • Shuhua doesn’t do this every year, but for the first time since her debut, she got sick and couldn’t attend the schedule. It’s not just Shuhua who is sick, it seems like all of (G)I-DLE are sick right now.”