K-pop “Big 4” Agencies Will Have a “Rookie Showdown” in 2024

Recently, netizens noticed that the K-pop “Big 4” agencies, including YG, SM, HYBE, and JYP, will have a “rookie showdown”. In particular, rookie groups from all companies will be making their debut or releasing their highly-anticipated comeback, raising the anticipation of netizens.

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To start with, BABYMONSTER, YG’s first girl group after BLACKPINK, will make their 1st comeback on February 1 with “Stuck in the Middle”, followed by a mini-album in April. Notably, many people also have hope for the return of Ahyeon, who sat out of BABYMONSTER’s debut due to health concerns. 


Meanwhile, SM will introduce 2 new artists, including NCT New Team, which will focus on the Japanese music industry, alongside a new girl group set to make their debut in 2024. 

nct new team
NCT New team

JYP, on the other hand, will attack the international market with the multinational girl group VCHA, which will also receive support from Universal Music Group’s Republic Records. Additionally, the agency will introduce 2 boy groups called NEXZ and PROJECT C, infiltrating the Japanese and Chinese market, respectively. 

Finally, HYBE Labels is the “busiest” agency among the “Big 4”, as it will introduce 3 brand new groups. First, there’s Pledis’s first boy group after SEVENTEEN – TWS, who will make their official debut on January 22 with the album “Sparkling Blue”. 

Secondly, I’LL-IT – a girl group selected from the survival show “R U Next”, will debut under BE:LIFT Lab.


Finally, there’s KATSETE, a girl selected via the program “The Debut: Dream Academy”, who will be HYBE’s venture in the Western music market. 


All in all, netizens cannot wait for how this “rookie showdown” will go, of if it will impact the current K-pop market. 

Source: VKR News