K-pop Company Blacklist Fan & Defend Touring Agency That Leaks Idol Information? 

On July 4, a X (formerly Twitter) user published screenshots of a chatroom involving boy group ONF’s touring agency J&B Entertainment. According to these screenshots, J&B Entertainment leaked all sorts of private information about the members and upcoming releases, and even scammed fans. 

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The aforementioned X user also gathered enough evidence and contacted ONF’s management agency, WM Entertainment, via email, in hope that they will address the issue. 

However, instead of taking the fan’s side, WM shared the fan’s email directly with J&B Entertainment and started to harass the fan. This started with identifying the fan, removing them from the chatroom, blacklisting them, followed by an email threatening to sue the fan and exposing their personal information. 

The entire issue has since been spread on Korean forums such as “theqoo”, where netizens express shock that a K-pop company would betray a fan only wanting better for their favorite artist. 

Below are some comments from netizens under a related topic: 

  • What the hell? The tour agency must be doing this with other artists too, knowing the profit they can make from such activities? 
  • Better leave the fandom if the agency is acting like this. They don’t give a jackass about fans 
  • If the agency is siding with the touring agency, it’s honestly better to leave the fandom 
  • Can’t believe they would treat fans who support their artists unconditionally like this 
  • The touring agency is truly going overboard with their actions and yet it’s the fan that got blacklisted and threatened…

Source: theqoo, X, Krb