K-pop Idols Join EXO’s ‘First Snow’ Trend — What Is THIS Dance Challenge About?

Even without a new release, EXO will always be “Nation’s Pick” with their unrelenting impact and power!

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Lately, their 10-year-old song, “First Snow,” has been reigning not only in the music charts but also on TikTok.

Why is it so popular these days?


(Photo : TopCool | JoyNews | Redian)
K-pop Idols Join EXO’s ‘First Snow’ Trend — What Is THIS Dance Challenge About?

What Is ‘First Snow’ Challenge on TikTok?

As Christmas approaches, EXO’s winter special track, “First Snow,” once again makes it on the South Korean music charts. On MelOn Daily Chart, it is the only song from a boy group that entered the Top 20.

But its impact is not only limited to Korea but globally, becoming a viral dance challenge this season. The challenge started when a group of Korean teenagers created a certain dance routine to welcome the first day of the snow.

Due to its cheerful lyrics and sound, fans are in love with it and even did the dance challenge. As its popularity continues, not only fans joined the trend but even idols!

Here Are 7 K-pop Idols Who Joined EXO’s ‘First Snow’

1. ITZY Yuna

   @itzyofficial ️ 믿지랑 함께하고픈 #첫눈 의 순간 #ITZY #있지 #YUNA #유나 #첫눈챌린지 #merrychristmas ♬ 첫눈챌린지 – 황세훈    

With the female idol’s perfect body ratio, doll-like figure, and cheerful aura, her entry into the dance challenge truly brought delight and positive energy to her viewers. She radiated feelings of looking forward to seeing your loved ones in this holiday break.

2. TOZ

@toz_yyent ️️ #TOZ  #ANTHONNY #HART #YUTO #TAKUTO  #첫눈챌린지 #thefirstsnow #EXO ♬ 첫눈챌린지 – 황세훈  

With a large Christmas tree in the background, the boy group TOZ members Anthonny, Hart, Yuto, and Takuto put smiles on K-pop fans’ faces with their bright and smooth dance for “First Snow.”

If you are a group of four, this version is perfect for your friendship goals!

3. KISS OF LIFE Haneul

   @kissoflife_official 하늘이랑 첫 눈 #KISSOFLIFE #키스오브라이프 #KIOF #HANEUL #하늘 ♬ 첫눈챌린지 – 황세훈    

4. TAN

@tan__official_ 소다 잘 지내는거지?️ #TAN #티에이엔 #주안 #현엽 #JOOAN #HyunYeop  #첫눈 #challenge #첫눈챌린지 #EXO #엑소 ♬ 첫눈챌린지 – 황세훈  

Members Joo An and Hyunhyeop surely made their fans feel butterflies in their tummies while showing off their cute and lovely “First Snow” dance!

5. NINE.i Jiho


To appeal to viewers more, Jiho also wore a cute heart headband while filming the TikTok trend at the side of the street. With his visuals, smile and dance, he sent warmth straight to the hearts of viewers.

6. EXO Lay

 @layzhang #malaysia ♬ 첫눈챌린지 – 황세훈  

Last but not least, the original singer EXO Lay himself also joined the trend! Indeed, the OG just hits differently!

Since he was the first member to do the “First Snow” challenge despite inactivity in Korea, fans hilariously shade the other EXO members to keep up and not be shy to post their dance challenges as well!