Kang Daniel Called Out Amid Yuju’s Recent Status — What Happened?

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On X, Kang Daniel felt the rage of fans as they called him out regarding Yuju. Here’s what happened.

On May 9, LUVUs (Yuju fandom) attracted the attention of K-pop stans as they protested against KONNECT Entertainment, the label CEO Kang Daniel founded.

In particular, fans expressed their anger and frustration with the inactivity and lack of activities of the female singer.

Looking at her schedule calendar, her official schedule stopped in February, while her last YouTube content was posted in March. As of January, the 2nd membership contents are nowhere to be seen, not to mention that even her official SNS’s last post was uploaded in October 2023, her birthday.

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So far, her last music release was a song collaboration with Kid Wine titled, “It’s Not That I Don’t Love You,” but KONNECT failed to promote her feature in the track as well on her social media platforms.

With this, Yuju’s fans were truly disappointed with how the label is treating the star, giving them a flashback of what she has suffered from her past label, Source Music back when Gfriend was still active.

Fans are claiming that if this continues to happen, Yuju should just leave the agency and find a better company for her solo endeavors. After all, she has the full potential to rise as one of the greatest K-pop soloists, if she will only be given the right treatment and fair opportunity.

Amid these protests, fans are calling out Kang Daniel, who is the founder of KONNECT Entertainment and should be the one who’s responsible for its artists.

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Netters are speculating that there is an internal problem in the company, given that even Daniel “disappeared” in the music scene. In August 2023, CL who is also a former artist of KONNECT left the company after 2 years. Also, there are rumors that the company will shut down after the employees start leaving one by one.

While DANITYs (Daniel’s fandom) defended the idol stating that there is a different team dedicated to Yuju and this shouldn’t be solely Kang’s responsibility who is apparently preparing for his military enlistment, LUVUs insisted that Kang Daniel should be responsible for its artists who decided to choose his label, trusting his name and integrity.

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Here are some of the comments:

  • “There is a rumor that the company building is shutting down and all the employees are leaving.”
  • “What is Kang Daniel doing?”
  • “How can you do that when Kang Daniel is the president?”
  • “Really? What is Kang Daniel doing these days?”
  • “There is a rumor that the agency will be liquidated or absorbed into another label due to his military service soon. An announcement was also made at the agency’s cafe that they will be relocating to the office building. Additionally, there are only a few months left until Yuju’s contract ends this year.”

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  • “If the company is going to disappear just because you go to the military, why bother recruiting, let alone creating it?”
  • “I feel sorry for Yuju. Why did she even sign a contract with them?”
  • “I wish she could just transfer to VIVIZ’s company.”
  • “Why did she trust the company that Kang Daniel founded in the first place? I wish a talented and good singer like Yuju would go to a better place.”