Kang Dong Won ‘Confident’ About Playing Unconventional Roles at 42 — Here’s What’s Next for the Actor

Kang Dong Won honestly talked about what he truly feels after getting unconventional roles, as well as self-management as he ages.

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The South Korean heartthrob returns to the big screen as he stars in the mystery-fantasy film “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman.”

Directed by Kim Sung Sik, Kang Dong Won takes on the titular character, Dr. Cheon, a fake exorcist who does not have the ability to communicate with ghosts but solves all types of cases. However, he finds himself in a tricky situation after facing a powerful possession that he has never seen before.

Joining him as “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” cast are Heo Joon Ho, Esom, Lee Dong Hwi, and Kim Jong Soo.

As the movie premieres in theaters, Kang Dong Won talks about playing a different role and doing a genre that he has never done before.

Why Kang Dong Won Decided to Join ‘Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman’

In an interview, the actor said that the reason he accepted the offer was because “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” has “various attractive points” that he finds interesting in a project.

Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman

(Photo : CJ ENM)

“The material and the story were very fresh,” he said, adding that he really had fun filming the movie.

As for his first time watching the whole movie, he finds it “more fantastic than the original scenario.”

Premiered on September 27, just in time for Korea’s Chuseok holiday, “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” has exceeded 1 million moviegoers after 4 days since the debut.

In a report, the Korean Film Council shared that the action fantasy film has a four-day streak topping the Korean box office.

They are heads-to-head with Im Si Wan and Ha Jung Woo’s sports-themed movie “Boston 1947,” which scored 2nd place at the box office.

Kang Dong Won on Getting Unconventional Roles

There’s no denying that Kang Dong Won is one of the best-looking Korean actors of his generation.

Kang Dong Won

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In fact, he often gets compliments about his youthful appearance and seems to age gracefully at 42.

According to the actor, age doesn’t bother him, and in fact, he “actually feels good” knowing that he is aging. This has something to do with the roles he gets now that he is in his early 40s.

“I think I can now play many roles that match my real age in the future, he said, adding, “As an actor, it’s good to see my face looking great on the screen. I looked younger than my age in the past, but now I think I have gotten a little old, and I like it”.

Speaking of appearance, Kang Dong Won revealed that his manager would always remind him to take better care of his physical appearance and revealed that he is “trying to visit the dermatologist often these days.”

He said that he is getting nagged a lot by her manager, who is always reminding him to take better care of himself.

“After watching the movie, I think I look more like an old man now,” he said, but expresses a positive outlook on it, saying that he “really likes it.”

Jun Ji Hyun, Kang Dong Won

(Photo : News 1 | Hancinema)

Other than his new movie “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” Kang Dong Won is set to return to the screen after 19 years since the 2004 K-drama “Magic.” 

He will headline the action romance drama “Polaris” with Jun Ji Hyun under the direction of Kim Hee Won of “Vincenzo” and “Money Flower.”